Case Presentation - Fall, 2014

Basal cell Adenocarcinoma

Written by: Tatyana A. Gladkaya, student, Cleveland Clinic School of Cytotechnology, Cleveland, Ohio

Patient Age: Female, age 67

Patient History: 2.5 cm. very firm right parotid mass located in the right anterior triangle, onset 8 months prior to biopsy, complaint of neck pain

Specimen type: FNA of the Lung, ThinPrep® Non-Gyn cytology

Cytologic Diagnosis: Atypical- Salivary gland neoplasm

Pathologic Diagnosis: Basal Cell Adenocarcinoma – rare malignant tumor, newly described. Low grade salivary gland malignancy, although recurrences do occur; rarely metastasize

Case provided by: Milstead Pathology, Conyers, Georgia